The African National Congress (ANC) in the Eastern Cape held its Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) Lekgotla from the 9th to the 10th June 2019 at ICC, East London in Buffalo City .

The Lekgotla was preceded by the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting held on Saturday,8 June 2019 at ICC in East London.

On the PEC Lekgotla

The PEC Lekgotla was convened to outline a mandate for the programs and interventions of the ANC led Provincial Government’s 6th administration .To customise the resolutions of the ANC NEC Lekgotla on the areas affecting the province of the Eastern Cape .To provide guidance to government planning and the preparation of the State of the Province Address (SOPA) and Departmental Policy Speeches .Develop a clear organizational role for the ANC to ensure that the commitments as contained in the 2019 National Elections Manifesto are implemented .

The Lekgotla was attended by the NEC deployees , PEC, the Leagues, the Alliance, the broader Mass Democratic Movement as well as comrades deployed in various positions within the state and sought to develop a focused program for the ANC and the 6th Provincial administration.

Guided by our commitment to rebuild the movement and turn the South African economy around, Lekgotla received presentations on government performance, an overarching financial overview, NPE Elections Report and State of Local Government Report .

Commissions focused on the following :

• Economic Transformation, Infrastructure ,Rural Development and Job Creation
• Legislature,Governance , Monitoring &Evaluation
• Education & Health
• Elections, Organizing & Communications
• Social Transformation , International Relations & Peace and Stability

On Economic Transformation ,Infrastructure ,Rural Development and Job Creation

The ANC’s vision for the South African economy is guided by the Freedom Charter’s clarion call that the people shall share in the country’s wealth .
The creation of decent work , more jobs and sustainable livelihoods remain a key priority of the ANC .

• The Lekgotla resolved for the launch of Provincial Development Plan(PDP) and finalize its 5 year implementation plan with clear quantified targets for poverty , inequality and unemployment reduction .
• Establish the Investment Council and operationalize the Provincial Economic Stimulus Package to drive investment and entrepreneurship .
• Scale up existing youth programs accross government and economic partners .
• Operationalize Premier’s Dashboard to monitor progress , enable accountability and correct underperfomance .
• Establish the Khawuleza PMO to package and drive priority projects including infrastructure .
• Develop a feedlot for each ward .
• Diversify agriculture and promote other commodities such as Cannabis for an Agricultural-driven industrialisation .Lekgotla resolved to develop timeframes for the development of Cannabis value chains.
• Summit to Launch the Oceans Master Plan by October 2019
• Provincial government must build good relations with traditional leaders to unlock rural development projects especially for sectors such as the Oceans Economy .
• Launch of the Mthatha Automotive Hub
• Mainstreaming of youth in the Public Service at all levels.Lekgotla resolved to that govenment must consider having qoutas of youth at management levels accross public service .
• Implementation of national programs such as YES ,YEA and Jobs Stimulus Fund .
• Targeted interventionist youth development programs (with particular focus on the EC “niche” economic sectors ,e.g. oceans economy , agriculture and creative industry .

Legislature,Governance , Monitoring &Evaluation

The ANC’s approach to state power is informed by the Freedom Charter and the principle that “The People Shall Govern” .The attainment of power by the ANC is a means to fulfil the will of the people and ensure a better life for all.

Therefore the Lekgotla resolved that :
• Local government must identify land for development ,support integrated planning ,including sites for high rise buildings for densification and integration.
• Align IDP’s to national , province and local to have same priorities.
• Revitalize inner city areas , address delapidated high-jacked buildings , implement by-laws , economic development and security .
• Introduce a culture of perfomance within the public service in order to improve service delivery .This must be done through perfomance rewards and consequence management
• Provincial Treasury should conduct training for all CFO’s on financial management and action should be taken on Councils that deliberately approve unfunded budgets .
• Province must establish a Provincial Infrastructure Grant to augment MIG funding as and when the need arises .
• Strengthen the IGR between the provincial and local sphere and finalize the representation of the local sphere on the Legislature .
• All departments must pay municipalities for the municipal services rendered .
• Cascade the Green Deeds into all municipalities within the province as overall part of the waste economy .
• A clear role of the traditional leadership within Councils must be well articulated .
• COGTA must establish a panel of skilled individuals to support the interventions on municipalities and where necessary be oversighted by inclusive political committee .
• Municipalities must consider enabling legal provision for the introduction of political party funding as is the case with National and Provincial spheres.
• All outstanding investigation reports in every sphere of government must be tabled and appropriate action taken accordingly.
• Develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability model anchored revenue management( address water losses , electricity losses , operational inefficiencies and implement strategic revenue growth /enhancement policies .

Social Transformation

Our Social Transformation agenda is part of the continuing journey of social change that began in 1994 when we entered into a Social Contract in the form of the Reconstruction and Development Program through which we sought to create A Better Life For All , so that together , we can create a South Africa that truly belongs to all who live in it as articulated in the Freedom.Charter .Therefore the Lekgotla resolved that :
• The National Health Insurance (NHI) funding model must be expedited through necessary Treasury process for its full implementation .
• Implement the next phase of the NHI program over the next five years through legislative measures to realise universal health access and good quality care for all .
• Develop a comprehensive policy and legislative framework to mitigate the risks related to medical litigation .
• Conditions of employment pertaining to Community Health Workers must be reviwed by Department of Health .
• Departement of Social Development must ensure there is capacitation and effective NPO Support and Management
• Government should run a public awareness campaigns on financial loan system (i.e shark loans ) and taking of ID’s
• Department of Human Settlements must focus on the rectification backlog in the province .
• Department of Human Settlements must work on a turn-around strategy that would find ways to provide housing to the destitute and military veterans .
• Department of Sport must assign coaches to schools to teach learners different sporting codes and provide stipend .
• There must be provision of mobile police stations in villages .
• Strengthen Community Policing Forums and Community Safety Forums .
• Take tough measures against undocumented immigrants involved in criminal activities .

Intenational Relations

The ANC in pursuing its International Relations objectives is informed by the Freedom Charter that states ” There shall be Peace and Friendship “; the African Claims adopted in 1943 , and successive National Conference Declarations that have reinforced the ANC’s historical role in the global Progressive Movement.Therefore International Relations is utilized by the ANC to form friendships ,cooperation and to work towards peace in the continent and the world ,whilst pursuing South Africa’s National Interest .
• Therefore the Lekgotla resolved that South African government must not trade with companies that have relations with Israel apartheid government .
• We should sustain the exchange students program with Cuba
• The ANC needs to urgently develop clear policy on international participation to ensure that proper international protocols and conduct are followed by comrades including those deployed to government whilst conducting their international work .


We reaffirm that education remains an apex priority for the African National Congress and our government .We continue to implement policies and programs of the ANC as adopted in previous conferences and elaborated in resolutions contained in our documents .
• Lekgotla resolved that Department must accelerate the eradication of mud schools to guarantee safe learning and teaching environment .
• Increase learner and teacher interaction through the use of Wifi connectivity in schools .

Organizing ,Elections & Communucations

We reaffirm our commitment to be rooted among the people, represent their interests ,concerns and aspirations ,transforming society and developing every community.Maintain a vibrant internal democracy in the ANC and supporting the principle and practice of collective leadership .

• Lekgotla resolved that there must an aggressive recruitment program to be developed and implemented accros the Province .
• Institute a proper membership and information system .
• Strenthen the work of PETU
• To request all its members, leaders and senior government officials to undergo voluntary lifestyle audits .
• Continue with the Election structures in preparations for 2021 local government elections .
• NEC must review the current Local Government Elections Guidelines .
• To mandate Speakers offices to embark on voter education

The Lekgotla noted that it took place in a contested political ,social and economic environment characterized by ,among other things ; use of social media to engage in battles is undermining trust and communicating an image of paralysis and projecting a movement that is at war with itself .While the ANC remains the dominant force in the public discourse informed by its character and role in society , we note that this is increasingly being contested by an array of forces .This explains why even political forces that purport to be opposed to each other have seen a reason to form opportunistic alliances to dislodge the ANC from power .

• Therefore Lekgotla resolved that there should be intensified training on political communications as part of political education of ANC structures and deployed caadres ; this training should help to mobilize the greatest number of cadres to participate in public debates and to respond effectively to the growing onslaught against the ANC in all media platforms .
• ANC must communicate ANC PEC decisions directly with its membership after meetings of its structures through the PEC Bulletin .
• Public servants at all levels must be capacitated with IT and digital skills as part of the preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution .
• Support for community broadcasting must be strengthened .

In his opening and closing remarks , the Provincial Chairperson , Comrade Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane emphasized the fact that the major difference between revolution and reform is the speed and the extent of change, our people are losing patience with our slow pace, hence the mantra of the next five years is Khawuleza. Sithunyiwe masikhawuleze, ukukhawuleza ke akuthethi uba masibambe siyeka, okanye sibe ngocof’ayishiye, we must be thorough in our work and ensure that esiyiqalileleyo siyayagqiba.

Comrade Mabuyane stated clearly that we must internalise Cde Amilcar Cabral’s directive, which cautions us that we must “always bear in mind that the people are not fighting for ideas, for the things in anyone’s head. They are fighting to win material benefits, to live better and in peace, to see their lives go forward, to guarantee the future of their children.”

Issued by:
Cde Lulama Ngcukayitobi
ANC EC Provincial Secretary

ANC Media & Liaison Officer
Judy Mpetsheni
Mobile No: 0636878267/0731176194

Gift Ngqondi
Head of Communications
Mobile No:0848439706/0849519924

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