Today, our nation and all freedom-loving people across the world, mark the 27th anniversary of the assassination of Comrade Chris Hani, a revolutionary whose name symbolises the struggle for a just, humane and free society.

Comrade Chris Hani was gunned down in cold blood by assassins whose agenda was to stop the country’s irreversible march towards freedom and democracy.

His death has robbed the liberation movement of one of its best cadres who were genuinely committed to the total eradication of the oppressive and exploitative colonial apartheid regime.

We remember the life of Chris Hani as a patriot who devoted most of his life in the service of his people; a humble yet fierce fighter against apartheid injustice and all its manifestations.

Througout his revolutionary life, Comrade Chris refused to compromise with apartheid oppression or succumb to its tyranny and repression.

Comrade Chris Hani’s name will go down in history as one of fortitude, bravery and fearlessness behind the banner of the ANC, South African Communist Party (ANC) and our glorious army Umkhonto We Sizwe and as having advanced a humane cause for the rest of the people of South Africa, Africa and the World.

Comrade Chris Hani was selfless and his contribution to the struggle for liberation was never about personal glory, fame or material advancement. He was never motivated by power and personal privilege. Through his own deeds and actions, Chris Hani displayed unwavering commitment to build a just, non-racial, non sexist and prosperous South Africa.

Comrade Chris was committed, disciplined and loyal to the decisions of the movement. An accomplished revolutionary of his times who enjoyed the full respect of his generation; humble and always willing to subject his personal views and preferences to the majority view.

In honour of Chris Hani we must all commit to work tirelessly to deepen unity within the alliance and undermine all else that seeks to subvert the democratic and mass character of our movement.

The most fitting tribute we can pay to our struggle hero for national liberation is to forge social solidarity and unite in our actions to fight the coronavirus outbreak. In the name of Comrade Chris let’s continue to stay at home and show maximum discipline by observing all Lockdown regulations even during the extended period for the good of all.

For as long as We Live, Chris Hani will never die!



Pule Mabe
National Spokesperson
071 623 4975

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