“Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories”…

Amilcar Cabral.

The ANC has learnt with dismay the utterances (lies) made by Andile Lungisa on the occassion of his welcoming by his friends in Port Elizabeth. Andile Lungisa referred to the President of ANC, cde Cyril Ramaphosa as some one who wants to see former President Zuma prosecuted. This is a distorted factional allegation mearnt to undermine the sitting President of the ANC.

This utterance is in distortion and in complete oblivion of history. It is worth reminding that the allegation pertaining to the arms deal against President Zuma are dating back from 2005. This once more attest to the continous distortion of historical evolution of the ANC and the struggle of the people of SA by this individual who continue to proclaim himself to be an archive of history.

The fellow further refer to the current Provincial Chairperson of the ANC in EC as a novice in politics who was introduced by Cde Enoch Godongwane. Once more this is a distortion of facts in pursuance of political expediency, an insult to branches of the ANC who elected Cde Mabuyane as the Provincial Secretary in River Park in 2009. Even before that Cde Mabuyane evolve through the ranks of the Congress Movement, the broader Alliance and formations . This proves his obsession with the leadership elected in ICC in 2017 which was endorsed by the Highest Court on the land.

We respect his views and his pronouncement about the next Conferences of the ANC both Provincial and National. It is premature. At an appropriate time branches of the ANC will be accorded an opportunity to assess the sitting leadership and elect new leadership, they won’t be dictated too by any individual. Currently branches are supporting the sitting leadership.

Further we condemn in strongest terms an insinuation of coup d’etat and civil war by this individual and his fellow rogue RET people. South African democracy was established through the revolutionary democratic ideals. Their find expression in the Constitution of the Country and such principles has to be defended by every South African.

As the region we condemn in strongest terms the utterances and think that Andile Lungisa must be subjected into anger management and serious political rehabilitation.


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Johannes Hobbs

ANC Regional Secretary

Sarah Baartman Region



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