We, the ANC Women’s League in OR Tambo remain steadfast in the course to stand and lead at the front to protect any unwarranted attacks that are always targeted on women and children.

For how long should we keep quiet? We respected the views expressed by others but this cannot mean we must not express our own views. Where we just keep quiet and watch while women are targeted based on the gender and sexuality,that means we betray a struggle on the emancipation of women.

The forum has a right to showcase and express their opinions, but that does not mean women must be treated unjustly, on the basis of their gender and identity. As the ANCWL we support peaceful service delivery protests but equally we condemn the use of force and gender discrimination against women and children.

This protest is no longer about service delivery, we believe it has turned a corner by changing its shape and form; this, we have identified because almost all members of the forum are former councillors of the municipality. Some of us we knew that the day would come for truth to burst,in as much as it was heaped up,boiling quietly inside.Now we know that this protest is about cheap politicking and sabotaging the good work of our government.

Our appeal to all former councillors, who are now leading the charge against the municipality is that; challenges of this nature require negotiations and engagements, so as to find solutions rather than mobilising anarchy against the very interests of the people.

Let’s put aside all, and commit to open a new chapter of peace, prosperity and equality.

We suggest a dialogue instead of insults, engagements instead of blocking the roads and honesty instead of lies.


Issued by:

ANCWL O.RTambo Region

For Enquires

Nomvula Ponco

ANCWL RTT Cordinator

082 55 99 913

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