2014 National and Provincial Elections

The 2014 South African general election was held on 7 May 2014, to elect a new National Assembly and new provincial legislatures in each province. It was the fifth election held in South Africa under conditions of universal adult suffrage since the end of the apartheid era in 1994, and also the first held since the death of Nelson Mandela. It was also the first time that South African expatriates were allowed to vote in a South African national election.

The National Assembly election was won by the African National Congress (ANC), with a majority of 62.1% led by ANC President Comrade Jacob Zuma. Eight of the nine provincial legislatures were won by the ANC except the Western Cape. The final results as at 06.30pm on 10 May 2014 were as :

National Assembly

Party : ANC
Valid Votes : 11,436,921
% Of total votes : 62.15%
Seats : 249 out of 400

Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

Party : ANC
Valid Votes : 1,528,345
% Of total votes : 70.09%
Seats : 45 out of 63

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