Closing Remarks delivered by the ANC EC Chairperson at the PEC Meeting

Good afternoon comrades and thank you for contributing to the success of our two-day ordinary PEC meeting. Indeed, our meeting was characterised by robust and frank engagements in effort to strengthen our work to lead the organisation in between conferences and lead the process of transformation of our province.

Our PEC meeting has endorsed the recommendations from the Provincial Working Committee and a comprehensive statement communicating the outcomes of the meeting will be prepared and released after the meeting. Our responsibility o to explain the decisions we have taken, despite whatever views we held before.

We must provide leadership to our structures and to society and exercise the authority we have been given by branches without fear or contradiction. We have said this before and will say it again, that this PEC will not be blackmailed by any individual or grouping into dereliction of its duty to lead the organisation. The fact that our term is coming to an end, will not stop this PEC from taking decisions that are in the interests of the organisation and of our people in the province.

Decisions and resolutions of the organisation are applicable to all members of the organisation regardless of what position they hold in the organisation or influence they think they have. Our understanding on the steps that must be taken to restore the integrity of the ANC have been endorsed by this collective.

We have reiterated our position that all members of the organisation that are formerly charged for corruption and serious crimes should step aside from their positions of responsibility. We welcome and applaud the PEC members and other comrades who have taken a decision to voluntarily step aside while allowing the processes to clear their names unfold. These comrades have emulated the values of selflessness and have placed the interests of the organisation above their own. We will ensure that we apply the ANC constitution on all the comrades that refuse to step aside despite being formerly charged for corruption or serious crimes. No individual is bigger than the ANC, and we will demonstrate that to those individuals who believe that the decisions of the organisation are not applicable to them.

Defiance of this collective will not be tolerated, and no circumstances will prevent the PEC to act on cases of defiance. We will also act decisively on all those comrades who act and behave in a manner that promotes divisions and factionalism within the province. We have agreed that we cannot afford to travel the road we travelled ahead of the 08th Provincial Conference. The 09th Provincial Conference will be characterised by unity, discipline and a festival of ideas and robust engagements.

Once again, I wish to repeat that while it is normal that people will meet to discuss about the future of the province given that the term has come to an end, what we cannot allow and condone is practises that are un-organisational and done in a manner that undermines the unity and cohesion of this collective and the organisation as a whole in the Province. Our rights to participate in the life of the organisation and determine the policies and leadership of the ANC must be done in manner that is consistent with traditions of the ANC and discipline expected from a member of the organisation.

We are sending a stern warning to all those comrades from other provinces who are working to instil divisions and instability in the province, that all your efforts will not succeed. The ANC in the province is intact and is more united and cohesive than it was before. Members of the ANC in the province will unite against disrupters and liquidators, ours will be to act within our authority and expose the wedge drivers.

We have agreed that the situation in OR Tambo District can no longer be allowed to continue unabated. We will not allow anarchy to prevail and for our people to be subjected to poor conditions of service delivery for narrow ends.

Comrades, this PEC had directed us to work for the strengthening of the Alliance relations not only in the province but at all levels of the organisation. We will lead the process of implementing our Alliance Council resolutions and iron out the differences that we have on matters of policy and government decisions.

The renewal of the ANC cannot be done outside the revival of the ANC Leagues. Women and youth struggles can no longer be led outside the formations of the MDM. Our PEC has agreed to ensure that we contribute positively and constructively to the process of the revival of the ANC YL. The YL should not be used to advance factional interests within the ANC but focus on its twin tasks in the organisation and in society. Those comrades who will be appointed to coordinate the revival of the YL should place the interests of the organisation and youth ahead of their own, otherwise the decision to allow young people to be at the centre of the renewal of the YL will be self-defeating and counterproductive.

Comrades, we must all go out and ensure a decisive victory for the ANC headed alliance in the upcoming by-elections and local government elections. We will ensure that the best candidates are selected and that they are capable to deliver on their tasks and that they have unwavering loyalty to the people.

As we close this meeting, let us remember that the ANC is a voluntary organisation and is open to all those who accept its values, aims and objectives, including its decisions. Even though there will always be contradictions in the movement, our contradictions are not antagonistic. Therefore, how we deal with them, must be distinct on how we resolve contradictions that are antagonistic or with forces opposed to the NDR.

Unity and cohesion of the ANC and the Alliance is the only way we will be able to advance, deepen and defend our national democratic revolution. It is the only way we will be able to lead the process of transformation and build the Eastern Cape we want.

Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your day.


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