The African National Congress (ANC) wishes to congratulate Cuba’s Communist Party, the people of Cuba and former President Raul Castro for stepping down as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba after seamlessly succeeding Cuba’s revolutionary President, Fidel Castro. He is heralded as a pragmatist who was reluctantly put in the spotlight when his brother relinquished power due to illness.

Similarly, the ANC wishes to convey warm congratulations to Cuba’s President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, following the decision of the 8th Congress of Cuba’s Communist Party on 19 April 2021. We wish him and the Cuban people success during his term of office. We are heartened by the smooth transition in succession that the Cuban people, the Communist Party and the Cuban government have put in place, including the Cuban government’s plan and programme moving forward. We further acknowledge the unity of purpose as the historic pioneering generation passes the baton on.

Former President Raul Castro’s term in office and transition represents continuity in the ideals, objectives and programme of Cuba’s revolutionary generation which overthrew the corrupt Fulgencio Batista military dictatorship in 1959 following the attack on the Moncada Barracks in 1953.

Mindful of former President Raul Castro’s stepping down on the 60th Anniversary of Cuba’s victory in repelling the United States attack at the Bay of Pigs, we are concerned about the continued US sanctions and other methods of undermining and subduing the Cuban government.

We call upon the Biden Administration to seize this opportunity to engage with the Cuban government, remove all sanctions and normalise trade with Cuba.

We further congratulate Cuba for making big practical and consistent steps in solidarity with oppressed people the world over, including advances in science and technology despite US foreign interference and illegal sanctions which have been continuously condemned by the world and the United Nations’ General Assembly over many years of UN General Assembly resolutions.

Recalling Cuba’s history of struggle, starting with the Sierra Maestra Manifesto (12 July 1957) and the need to defend the homeland and revolution, we say:

Long Live the revolutionary spirit of comrade Raul Castro and his compatriots, the people of Cuba!

Long Live President Miguel Diaz-Canel!



Lindiwe Zulu

Chairperson : International Relations Sub-Committee


Pule Mabe

National Spokesperson

071 623 4975

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