Provincial Working Committee visit to Nelson Mandela Metro

Issued by the Office of the Provincial Secretary
The ANC provincial working committee on a scheduled visit is in Nelson Mandela Metro region effectively as from Sunday to conduct door to door, walk about and meeting voters in ward 30, we are confident of the victory in the ward as the campaign continues strongly. The PWC met the Metro troika and the RTT. The provincial leadership received detailed briefing about the state of governance, economic outlook, state of education, human settlements development and interventions.

We are satisfied with the progress recorded since the ANC took over in 2011 and subsequent intervention of the new leadership”. The PWC advised the council through troika to expeditiously complete all investigation reports and finalize them through implementation of recommendations.

The demarcation and delineation of wards the ANC registered no objections as we do not intend to gerrymander with this objective process as the movement. We want to see the promotion of non racial, human settlement patterns that are consistent with the new society.

The PWC assess its majority caucus performance, and the ANC is satisfied with unity of purpose, improved coordination and serious prioritization of community issues, service delivery – ethical, professional and good conduct among the deployees.

We need to see responsive leadership and administration that is rooted in the firm foundations of credibility and trust, selfless service.

We are pleased to note the recent re-joining of the ANC by COPE and DA members at branch level and senior levels ( former MPL), we are seriously recruiting members from the opposition areas and the reception is impressive. Our campaign ” ANC is Home for all” is gaining ground and momentum.

On ward based system, the ANC is displeased with ineffective ward committees that are not paid their out of pocket expense, as the ANC we advised our council to urgently ensure that ward committees as they are the extension of councils which should guarantee local communication and local democracy and on behalf of communities they should forward community grievances to council and report back to communities. We urge the NMM to service, resource the organs of civil society ( ward committees ) to improve their performance and accessibility.

The PWC is to strengthen its hold in ensuring that all the ANC branches must be taken to branch general meetings and branch biannual meetings so that they are constitutionally validated. The region is earmarked for its regional conference as per the directive of the provincial leadership together with National leadership.

On alliance, the PWC is consolidating working relationship between and among the allies and an improvement is noted with functional bilateral sessions and alliance summit. This unity of the provincial alliance is an indicator of solid strength going to elections next year.

Our election strategy for the region is earmarked for the 29/30 August 2015 in PE for all alliance structures and mass democratic structures.

The PWC support the intervention by the President on working for water and curbing leaks operation that will be launched in NMM on the 28th August 2015 at Dan Qeqe stadium. We are calling communities to take water scarcity and water loses seriously. All our branches are advised to champion water conversation and schools children must be taught the basics.

On education: the PWC applauds the solution provided by the MEC Mr Makuphala and the Mayor, Dr Danny Jordaan with education structures in Northern areas. We call upon all education stakeholders and the department to prioritize critical posts, communities must insulate schools from vandalism and drug traffickers.

On election: the PWC appointed Mr Litho Suka as the election coordinator who will provide strategic overall political guidance to all structures and reverend Moses as full time deputy coordinator to strengthen administration of regional task team. We want every member to form part of election machinery and no gate – keeping will be accepted. Experienced former and present leadership, youth and professionals, business and labour are to form part of the Metro election work. Training for all our election teams and members to understand electoral act( law) will be conducted.

This statement must be attributed to Cde Pumulo Musaule, the ANC EC Provincial Chairperson.
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