ANC Press Statement on the remarks made at the DA Congress

Issued by the office of the ANC Provincial Secretary

The remarks made by the outgoing DA leader, Helen Zille during her political swan song at their congress are just empty lamentations of a political has been who even at the heights of her political desperation failed to dent the ANC as she and her cheer leaders planned to.

The strange thing though is that in her empty lamentations, Zille deliberately ignores the great transformation, development, and delivery driven by the ANC policies aimed at creating a better life for all our people.

At the time of making these remarks, Zille forgot to apologise to the black people of the Western Cape particularly in townships, for not giving them better services she promised them during the elections.

We understand why Zille ignored to mention the great work we are doing in this province and in this country. Without the ANC, this country would have massive infrastructure backlogs, racism, sexism and other social ills led by people like Hendrick Verwoerd.

Year in and year out, Zille has failed to deliver basics services to the people in all the black townships, farm communities in that province.

Pro apartheid remarks made by Allister Sparks during the DA congress, which induced applause and laughter from the audience, expose the DA’s affirmation of apartheid, a policy of a racists government declared by the UN as crime against humanity.

The affirmation of Spark’s views by the DA members proves what we have been saying all along that the DA, which was formed by the National Party and Democratic Party, was nothing but remnants of apartheid propelling white supremacy.

All the black people and white freedom loving people who joined the DA after being hoodwinked by its advertising like messages crafted by consultants must now realize that they joined a party that supports apartheid and even regards Hendrick Verwoerd as their hero.

Sparks has come out of the closet as a proponent of apartheid and white supremacy who regards racial segregation, which was characterized by killing, maiming, torture, bombing, racial segregation, of scores of black women, children and men as smart thinking.


Black people who are in the DA must now know what is that they have associated themselves with. Thought the ANC has given them a right to freedom of association, it is time they distance themselves from a party formed by the father of apartheid whose sons are now coming out of the closet.


Comments by Sparks reveal why Zille doesn’t provide black township communities the same services he provides to white residents and their wealthy suburbs. This shows why the DA run Cape Town doesn’t prioritize issues affecting black workers raised by SAMWU.

This reveals why issues affecting black farmer workers never receive the attention of the Western Cape Government led by the DA. This is why Zille had guts to call black kids from the Eastern Cape Refugees.

These and many other signs which prove to all and sundry that the DA is still a proponent of apartheid. It is very strange that in their failed attempt to distance themselves from their apartheid heritage, the DA has tried to associate itself with Cde Nelson Mandela.

White supremacists like Sparks and Zille will never unshackle their links with the forefathers of apartheid and even they try to dance, sing and talk like black people, they will never love and affirm black people and their struggles.

All they need black people for is to help win elections. Other than that, they treat black people with the same inhumane disdain of apartheid government leaders like their hero, Hendrick Verwoerd. A desperate move to have a black DA leader is an attempt to hide their racist angenda.

The ANC remains the only organization working with the people of this country to transform and develop their lives through a number of programmes.


This statement must be attributed to Cde Oscar Mabuyane, the ANC EC Provincial Secretary.

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