Greetings to Co-Programme Directorsg, Alliance Leaders, the family of Cde Gxilishe and everyone who has connected to this platform

Let us express our sincere deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to Cde Bongani’s family.

Cde Bongani was an all-rounded cadre.
He was a humble leaders with a cheerful disposition. Hid depth of knowledge did not render him arrogant. He believed in the power of persuasion as opposed to imposing his views. (Something that is scarce these days)

He led the ANC and by extension the Alliance and the broader society at an early age. This is because he was head and shoulders above the rest. The generational mix happened naturally without any demand for it.

Despite having earned many political stripes on his shoulder, he stayed humble. He added value to the Alliance beyond being being leadership positions.

He was a very disciplined cadre of the movement. Organisational discipline was never a challenge to him because of the solid foundation – Elementary discipline was laid at home, school and church. His academic achievements and his prominence in church did not come as a surprise.
Comrade Bongani transcended beyond Organisational discipline. He subscribed to Revolutionary discipline. He complied and complained later, if and only if there was something worth complaining for (not complaining for its sake).

Comrade Gxilishe was a committed, principled and selfless leader. He put at the disposal of the movement all he had to build a strong movement. He set some high standards that other leaders must maintain and improve.

Comrade Bongani passed away ar the time the movement is faced with challenges that require leaders of Comrade Gxilishe’s calibre. These are leaders with deep political clarity and administrative capabilities, leaders of high moral and ethical standards.

The irony is that we are not producing the quality of leaders we are losing at the rate we are losing them.

To the family: May you find solace in knowing that he did not drop the ball at any given moment.

May he enter eternity with a broad smile.
Long live the undying spirit of Comrade Bongani Gxilishe, long live!

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