Xhosa Hymn 14; Thixo Akunangqaleko

Thixo akunangqaleko,

Thixo akunangqibeko;

Ukho eendaweni zonke,

Ukho ngamaxesha onke.


Lord eternal without an end.

Present in every place and time.


Phaya ezinkwenkwezini,

Ukho, Wena, ezulwini;

Wab’ ukade sel’ ukhona,

Xa zingekabikho zona.


Above the stars, heavenly King.

Out of your Word, all things begin.

Zoda zigqibeke zonke,

Kuthi tshabalala konke;

Ube Wena ungapheli,

Ube Wena usahleli. Amen.


Heaven and Earth may pass away.

You will remain eternally. Amen.

Mandibhotise ku Mphathi Nqubo; Mr. Gcobani Fadane

Usapho la kwa Madala, ingakumbi abantwana bakhe uTiger; uNqabakazi, uMandisi, uQhawe, uViwe, uOlwethu, uZimkhitha, uNqobile, uThokoza, kwa kunye no Masigcobe; nabazukulwana bakhe be bonke,

Mandibhotise nakusapho ngokupheleleyo lwa kwaMadala, izihlobo nezalamane,

Mandibhotise kwis’khokelo seBandla i St. Cuthbert’s Mission, phantsi kwe Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA), ngokusibambela lenkozo endiliseke kangaka – nefanele inkokheli ne gokra ebelilo u Dean Timothy Ndabezintle Madala

Ndikwakhahlela is’khokelo namalungu ombutho i African National Congress, ngelahleko ye qabane lethu.

All leaders of the Tri-Partite Alliance, with us this morning

Civil Society Formations, in particular, SANCO and progressive NGOs and NPOs, represented here

The newly inducted members and leaders of our Youth League, in the ANC Eastern Cape provincial structures.

The South African Youth Council (SAYC)

Colleagues, Comrades and Friends,

It is with a sense of honour to find oneself standing not too far from the birthplace of one of our own, whom we are here today to show respect as well bid our final farewells. In a moment that perhaps is a fitting metaphor for having come ‘full circle’ in one’s life. For it is not too far from here, where Dean ‘Tiger’ Timothy Ndabezintle Madala was born in 1958, he would have turned 63 this coming 13th of November. A friend, a community-builder, a businessman, a thinker, a do-er, an avid campaigner against Apartheid, as well as for the liberation of our people. Dean was also a lover of sports, in particular rugby, which he was so immensely passionate about.

Programme Director, I stand here not only as Premier of our beloved Eastern Cape and Chairperson of our august movement for change, the African National Congress, in this province. I stand here as a member of the community of freedom fighters, from which Dean hailed and was an integral part of its conscious. I stand here as his comrade and friend, with umbrage, that yet again we converge under war-time like conditions, facing an unprecedented pandemic which has afflicted the world – to bid farewell to another leader of our society.

I also stand here confident, that despite the ravages of disease, unacceptably high levels of crimes being committed against, in particular, women and children in our country and province, nearly daily – despite the high-levels of high unemployment among, especially, young people. That despite all these horrendous circumstances in which society may find itself mired, the example and legacy that Dean ‘Tiger’ Madala teaches, is that one never stops, never gives up, never throws in the towel in the quest to better oneself and one’s people towards moving, even an inch, a better life.

Comrade Dean was the embodiment of these ideals in the truest sense, this is attested to by the rich tapestry of the legacy of work he has contributed not only in the attainment of our freedom, but the development of our province particularly here the Mthatha region. Through his commitment to not only his family but to the welfare and wellbeing of others as well, we are inspired by the life and times of a son of the ‘Home of Legends’. We stand strengthened on the shoulders of Comrade Dean and others like and before him, in the knowledge that, we are up to the task of meeting our challenges head on. A devout Christian who was devoted to his family and was fully engaged in the matters of his church and espoused genuine empathy and compassion for his fellow congregants and community at large. When I reflect upon the life of Comrade Dean, I am reminded of the scripture; Isaiah 6:8, and it reads as follows,’’ Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

This is the clarion call that Comrade Dean responded to in his life-long legacy of working for the benefit and improvement of his fellow man. Made catchy through a song ‘Thuma Mina’ by the late-great Hugh Masekela in the colloquial equivalent of Isaiah’s response to the Lord’s call to serve. At a time when commitment to noble ideals such selfless service, servant leadership, standing up for integrity, judiciousness, and diligence over that which is under our care and responsibility, seem like relics of an era gone by.

Comrade Dean leaves a glimmering example of what the ideal cadre, fit for purpose, should be and embody, in the ongoing liberation struggle towards economic and social transformation – in our lifetime. The greatest test of the ideal Cadre of the struggle currently underway in our country, which is in no doubt, the urgent socio-economic restructuring society is demanding – is also being written in this, our time. In the 27 years of our democratic order, we, as the democratic government, have undeniably led the tangible improvement to the human condition of all South Africans not least the majority, in particular Africans, for historically known reasons – for the better.

While this is true, we have also presided over the growth of the societal problem of corruption, the height of which has infected even parts of our Public Service. The clambering for resources, against the backdrop of widespread poverty and under-development in our country, particularly of the majority of South Africans, has denuded the values and moral compass of even some of the most ardent of leaders in our movement and society.

This cancer has made its burrows in the belly of our Public Service, between those entrusted with the care for the resources the public entrusts to those they elect to public office, and those in the private sector who play the role of willing conspirators against the sovereignty of our State in the plunder of much needed resources.

In the months leading up to the watershed 54th National Elective Conference of the African National Congress (ANC) in Nasrec, Johannesburg in December of 2017. The call from within this glorious movement; of Oliver Tambo, Lillian Ngoyi, Albertina Sisulu, Albert Luthuli, and Goven Mbeki, to name but a few from among the valiant men and women on whose strength of credibility, integrity and authenticity, to a cause greater than themselves, had long been sounding to distance the ANC from individuals and activities that defeat the gains of our democracy.

At the centre of this, is the prevalence of malfeasance in the Public Service, which is often carried out by corrupt individuals through acting in concert with private sector players in the commission of these atrocities against our people and public resources.

The tentacles of this mycelial network, when interrogated, often almost always finds its way to some among us. Alongside the generational economic transformation struggle we are currently seized with, if not arrested, rampant corruption runs the risk of irreversibly eroding the gains of the 109-year long struggle for the total emancipation of, in particular, the African majority in South Africa, as led by the ANC. The immediate risk to our still fledgling democratic order, cannot be overstated.

Programme Director, I am inclined to agree with the sentiments expressed by my fellow Comrade and member of the ANC Sonia Bunting Branch in Ward 66, Johannesburg.

Cmd. Mandla Nkomfe writes that the path to self-correct by the ANC is in partnering with progressive civil society formations. He goes on to say, ’’as part of the New Dawn, (the) ANC has a responsibility to recalibrate its relationship with civil society formations in order to regain its position as a leader of society. (The) ANC must reengage progressive civil society organizations so that a new equilibrium can be established’’.

Fellow Comrades, and Colleagues, I wish to assert that we need to firstly recommit ourselves to the ideals for which we joined the liberation movement, and that is to bring about a change that will begin to reverse the multiple legacies and hegemony of colonialism and Apartheid on society, towards genuine national reconciliation and nation building.

We also need to reimagine how we will convince young people today, to be seized with the issues confronting them as well as society, towards finding workable and sustainable solutions to challenges – alongside directed State interventions and support.

These ideals are ideals which were close to Comrade Dean, we know this through his shared vision and passion for his community, family, friends, colleagues and comrades through the many social initiatives and business ventures as well as community development projects that he was a part of. We say to the Madala family, while the passing of a much-loved figure like your father, brother, grandfather, uncle, and community leader such as Comrade Dean was, let us all take solace and be comforted in the knowledge that his was an immense contribution. An inspiring individual who has leaves behind a swathe of achievements which could not be recounted here in these few hours together.

Programme Director, on behalf of the people of this great province as Premier, and on behalf of the rank-and-file membership of the African National Congress in the Eastern Cape, as Provincial Chairperson, allow me to convey, our most heartfelt condolences to the Madala family. We hope that you have re-joined your late wife Yolisa Lynette Nomajende whom Comrade Dean affectionately reffered to as ‘Tenzerere, My Dear’, may both your souls forever rest in peace.

I thank you.

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