The National Working Committee of the ANC met in regular session on Monday, 27 February 2023 to discharge is duty, in terms of the ANC Constitution: to carry out decisions and instructions of the NEC; to conduct the current work of the ANC and ensure that Provinces, Regions, Branches and all other ANC structures, such as parliamentary caucuses, carry out the decisions of the ANC; and to prepare of report for submission to the NEC, the next meeting of which will take place on 21 – 23 April 2023.

The NWC was guided in its deliberations by a report from the ANC National Officials, informed by a report prepared by the Secretary General’s Office (SGO).

Budget: 2023/24:

The NWC commend the Minister of Finance, and the Cabinet collective under leadership of President, for a budget that gives effect to the decisions taken by the 55th National Conference, and the NEC Lekgotla, to respond to the immediate and long-term challenges confronting our nation, including its energy security challenges.

Cyclone Freddy:

The NWC welcomed the urgent meeting convened by the SGO with the Provincial Secretaries of Limpopo and Mpumalanga, as well as the Minister and MEC’s of CoGTA, to receive a briefing on preparations to mitigate the impact of Cyclone Freddy, and to ensure that ANC structures play an active role in assisting communities and government efforts. It welcomed the co-operation between government, communities and NGOs.

The NWC also conveyed the condolences, solidarity, and support, of the ANC, and the people of South Africa, to the governments and people Madagascar and Mozambique.

Measures to Promote Energy Security:

The NWC welcomed a report on measures to promote energy security and to deal with the current electricity crisis – including the appointment of a Minister of Electricity, and giving effect to the declaration of a State of Disaster.

Allegations by Mr Andre de Ruyter:

The NWC supported the call upon Mr Andre de Ruyter, former CEO of Eskom, to lay criminal charges, within the next seven days, with verifiable details, about his serious allegations to allow law enforcement agencies to investigate and, where appropriate, to prosecute those who have a case to answer. This includes any ANC members and/or and public representatives who have violated both the laws of the Republic, as well as the prescripts of the ANC Constitution and their oath of membership.

Public Sector Wage Negotiations:

The NWC welcomed a report on engagement with Cosatu and Cosatu-affiliated unions in the public sector regarding the current wage negotiations and encouraged ongoing dialogue and discussion.

Local Government Coalitions:

The NWC noted, with concern, the negative impact on service delivery and the lives of citizens arising from instability in coalitions in a number of municipalities.

The NWC reiterated the call for an urgent political discussion on the ANC’s approach to local government coalitions – based on the principles of advancing the interests of the people, and the ANCs historic mission of building a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous nation in wich all citizens enjoy a better life.

Restructuring of Free State Provincial Executive Council :

The NWC noted and welcomed the restructuring of the Free State Provincial Executive Council.

It welcomed the election of Comrade Mxolisi Dukwana as Premier of the Free State. It conveyed its appreciation to Comrade Sefora Ntombela for her dedication and commitment to serving the people of the Free State over many years.

Restructuring of Troika of Mangaung Metro :

The NWC welcomed the report that the ANC National Officials have finalised proposals for the restructuring the leadership of the Mangaung Metro in order to address the acute challenges afflicting governance, financial management, and service delivery being experienced by this important metropolitan municipality.

National Conferences of ANC Leagues:

The NWC was encouraged by steps taken by the SGO to ensure that the ANC Women’s League, ANC Youth League, and ANC Veterans League rebuild their structures, including holding national conferences. This is vitally important to ensure that these structures play an active and dynamic role in mobilising key sectors of the motive forces for fundamental change in our society, in addressing the challenges faced by women and young people, including gender-based violence, unemployment and economic empowerment.

ANC Western Cape:

Furthermore, the NWC welcomed and supported steps to implement the decision by the NEC to appointment Comrades Thandi Mankivana and Anwar Dramat as Western Cape IPC Co-ordinator and Deputy Co-ordinator, respectively.
The NWC accepted proposals by the National Officials to expedite the holding of the ANC Western Cape Provincial Conference by mid-April 2023.

Reporting to Structures: Regional General Councils: 3-5 March 2023.

The NWC welcomed and supported the holding of Regional General Councils in each of the ANC’s 54 regions on 3 – 5 March 2023 to report to structures on the outcomes of the 55th National Conference, the NEC and NEC Lekgotla, and to engage on matters pertaining to energy security. The ANC National Officials and NEC members will be deployed to these meetings.

Alliance Secretariat:

The NWC welcomed a report from the Alliance Secretariat on matters affecting the restructuring of the Alliance, organisational unity and renewal, the economy, governance, labour, local government, service delivery and international relations – including strengthening solidarity with Eswatini, Western Sahara, Palestine and Cuba.

International Matters:

The NWC received reports on a number of international developments, including a meeting with the International Friendship and Solidarity Institute of Cuba (ICAP) led by Comrades Victor Gaute (Vice President of ICAP) and Comrade Yahimi Rodriguez. As well as the Cuban Ambassador to South Africa Comrade Enrique Orta González.

The NWC supported ongoing diplomatic work conducted by government to advance the objective of building a better Africa and a better world. It welcomed the impending visits by Presidents of Uganda, Namibia, Tanzania, and Angola, as well as the King and Queen of Spain. Furthermore, it welcomed that fact that South Africa will be hosting the BRICS Summit, as well as a conference on the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

The NWC noted a number of concerning developments in South Africa’s bi- and multi-lateral relations. Appreciating the gravity and complexity of these matters, it resolved to dedicate a special meeting to consider these matters in the near future, and to encourage ongoing dialogue
with the relevant parties.

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere School of Leadership:

The NWC noted and welcomed the nomination of Comrade David Makhura, the ANC Head of Political Education, to serve on governance board of the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere School of Leadership in Tanzania.



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