THE ANC PEC statement of the ordinary Provincial Executive Committee

Issued by the Office of the ANC EC Provicnial Sercretary

Meeting set over two days, 15th and 16th November 2015


The PEC noted the following and resolved:

  1. The PEC convened immediately after a very successful Provincial General Council and National General Council. The success of these councils is not measured only by the manner in which they drove their business but also on the high level of discipline demonstrated by delegates from all branches that attended. As the PEC, we can only attribute this achievement to the hard work done through all our intended efforts to unite the ANC people and structures. Having noted certain challenges and tendencies we therefore saw it befitting to discuss and come up with strategies that must enhance our efforts towards unity and therefore building a strong organisation. We call upon all ANC members and supporters to respect organisational processes and work together in defending the values and principles of the ANC.  The meeting re affirmed the efforts made by the PEC in ensuring that we build a united organisation and therefore place the Province on a better level. The meeting unanimously agreed on the need to encourage members to die for the ANC instead of killing it to save individuals.
  2. The killing of people in France:  As the PEC we are shocked and very concerned about the incidents in Paris. We call upon our communities to be vigilant and report any foreign activities as this can happen anywhere, anytime. We sympathise with those who lost their loved ones, we urge the security forces around the world to scrutinize and strengthen their capacity to be able to detect on time any element of terrorism.
  3. Membership Decline: The meeting further discussed at length the strategies to be employed to recruit and increase membership, key to those is to ensure that we deal with gate keeping and slate politics. We hope that the newly introduced membership system will deal with all the administrative challenges. We are appealing to all members to expose and deal with any tendency that seeks to divide and threaten the hegemony of our organisation.
  4. The fees must fall: The PEC applauded the noble cause by students across the country. We also applaud the quick intervention by the cabinet as led by the President to agree on a 0% fee increase on the 2016 fees. We affirmed that the struggle for free education is our struggle. It has been in our discussion since the ANC took power and as a result we have resolutions in place. We agreed that we really need to review the manner in which we implement and communicate our resolutions and continue to engage the affected stakeholders. We also noted the unbecoming behavior of vandalism by some hooligans who are alleged to have hijacked the student action and used it for their selfish causes, we condemn the destruction of property and burning of tyres as it has no place in the democracy we lead.
  5. Local Government Elections: We have started our campaign and the structures are in place to drive our campaign. Amathole Region launched a regional volunteer program this past weekend with more than 3000 volunteers on the day. We are embarking on a candidate selection program in branches and this process is guided by very strict guidelines. We are not expecting problems if guidelines are followed.
  6. 2017 National Conference: We observe the continuous effort by ill-disciplined ANC members who are disturbing the work of the ANC by engaging on the leadership succession debate. As the PEC, we say the National Conference is too far and the NEC has neither opened the nominations nor made the matter open for discussion. We understand the negative impact this has in our operations and we resolved that every effort by any individual or any individual seen convening meetings to discuss this matter must be reported to the provincial leadership which must then act against those individuals.
  7. Regional Conferences: We welcome the new leadership from 3 regions and we noted the disputes submitted by the OR Tambo and Joe Gqabi regions. Both disputes are handled at a national level by the teams appointed by the SGO, the team is in the province to deal with those disputes. We appeal for members to allow the process to run smoothly.
  8. Marches to ANC Offices:  The PEC observed the recently organised marches to ANC Offices organised by people who call themselves ANC members, who do not want to accept the democratic outcomes of ANC meetings and observe disciplines of the organisation. There are individuals who mobilise people some of whom are not even directly involved in processes of the organisation to march against the ANC. In their marches they insult ANC leaders and communicate anti ANC messages. This badly undermines the protocol of the organisation and damages the image of the ANC. We resolve that ill-discipline must be dealt with by our DC. In the same vein, we condemned the direct submission of disputes by ANC members to the National Office without being heard at a provincial level. We say this must come to an end, it is unconsititutional. We are also disturbed by the participation of religious leaders in such activities, we understand they might have been dragged into something they don’t understand. We urge that anyone recruited to these activities against the ANC must contact the ANC leadership and seek guidance.
  9. Provincial Integrity Committee: PWC was tasked to appoint the integrity committee, today it was introduced and endorsed by the PEC. Its mandate is clear. It is going to look at any behavior that damages the image of the ANC. It does not have authority to discipline but can advise on an action to be taken against ill-discipline.


This statement must be attributed to the ANC EC Provincial Secretary Cde Oscar Mabuyane.

Please call Pindile Miza for interviews with the leadership.

Pindile Miza

Cell: 083 750 3249

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