ANC EC statement pledging its unwavering support to President Ramaphosa

The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of the African National Congress in the Eastern Cape is unwavering on its support for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership working with the entire National Executive Committee in renewing the ANC and making South Africa a better place to live in, as mandated by the ANC 54th National Conference.

The PEC is not oblivious of the attempts by counter revolutionary forces within South Africa and elsewhere to discredit and slander the President of the ANC in an attempt to isolate his leadership, weaken his collective effort and prevent the ANC from its path of renewal. This was apparent from the moment the ANC Conference mandated its leadership to be resolute in rooting out malice, corruption and maladministration among those who thrive on the divided and weakened ANC.

The Diagnostic Report of the National Executive Committee presented to the 5th National Policy Conference in 2017 pointed out several diagnostic weaknesses, which urgently warrant decisive resolutions and these included:

– The blurring of the common purpose for the cadres of the movement
– The growing trust deficit between the people and their movement
– The decline in the ethics, values and traditions of the movement
– The impact of the perception of the ANC as being entirely corrupt
– The divisions and factions that have become a seemingly permanent feature of the movement

It is apparent that some of these weaknesses continue to manifest themselves in the life of the organisation, the movement and the society at large. Consequently, the organisation at all levels needs-to be firm, consistent, determined and vigilant in dealing with these weaknesses and threats. Moreover, we are tasked to continue building on the strengths of the movement and to seize and create opportunities for more rapid movement forward.

The ANC Strategy and Tactics of 2007 is thus correct in reminding all of us that “any project of thoroughgoing transformation requires a united revolutionary movement rooted amongst the people, with a corps of cadres and organisational capabilities to strategise, coordinate and implement the programme of transformation.” As such, the people believe that President Cyril Ramaphosa embodies all the qualities needed at this stage of the revolution.

The PEC is further encouraged by the decision of President Ramaphosa to approach appropriate institutions such as the court of law when he believes there was misapplication or misinterpretation of the law by any person or institution. In this regard, we urge everyone to allow such processes to run their course. Indeed, what is unacceptable is to use matters which have not been finalised before courts as political weapons to attack the character of the President of ANC and the country, as such opportunism smacks desperation and must never be entertained.

The President of the ANC and the entire NEC must remain resolute as the leader of the collective on the renewal project of the ANC, which is central for the success of the country. The society wants a united focused ANC. The PEC is in support of the position as articulated by the ANC National Executive Committee as there was no transgression of the Party policy in the organisational lobbying processes towards the 54th National Conference. In fact, the organisation is busy working on processes of regulating and modernising the lobbying processes towards conferences as the National Officials have been so mandated.This is a critical component in the renewal of the organisation. This process must be supported as it will provide the necessary framework upon which the structures and individuals vying for positions should use.

It is also worth noting that despite the spirited wedge drivers getting encouraged on a daily basis, they have not found anything which can stick against the President.

The PEC is moreover encouraged by the fact the general society and structures of the movement are warm to the ANC programme as articulated during January 8th, the ANC’s 2019 National Election Manifesto, and most recently the State of the Nation Address. The hope and aspirations of the people of our country are glued in the unity, renewal, economic growth and job creation agenda as led by President Ramaphosa.

The Province of Eastern Cape hopes that the President and the entire leadership collective of the ANC elected in NASREC would continue its focus on achieving the creation of a National Democratic Society. This political programme is at the heart of resolving our social and economic problems of poverty, inequality and joblessness.

The unity of the African National Congress and the people of our beloved country remains sacrosanct, and the country continues to be firmly behind the President Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa.

Issued by :
Cde Lulama Ngcukayitobi
ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary

Enquiries :
Gift Ngqondi
Provincial Head of Communications
Mobile No :0848439706/0849519924

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