Briefs from China – learning from the best for the future

From the 1st to the 8th of June 2018 I led a delegation of the ANC National Executive Committee to China fostering party to party relations with the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and reaffirming ties between the people of the two nation states.

It is my pleasure to present to our membership, our friends and comrades ‘BRIEFS FROM CHINA – LEARNING FROM THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE’, as part of our ANC Today Information platform capturing the essence of the historic visit to the people’s Republic of China.
I must also express my comradely words of gratitudes on behalf of the delegation of the ANC towards the leadership of the CPC led by Cde President Xi Jinping for their hospitality.

Both our parties have appreciated the importance of political education and the whole endeavor contribute towards party building and renewal, and therefore agreed to work together concretely to achieve some of the strategic objectives. We have agreed to share the lessons and experiences which will help to grow the capacity of our political organizations.

The Leadership of the CPC has agreed to accommodate 300 ANC cadres into their leadership training academy over a five year period. The exchange programme also includes holding political education sessions with some of their commissars inside our country.

We are inspired by the principles of upholding Party building and discipline by the CPC constructed and upheld as follows:

  • Political Discipline
  • Organisational Discipline
  • Work and Daily Life Discipline
  • Mass Discipline
  • Integrity Discipline.

These principles are a great inspiration to the Chinese nation and continue to influence moral and acceptable conduct within the ranks of the CPC.

The delegation will be giving a detailed report to the ANC NEC which will be widely circulated to all our structures once processed.

I hope these Briefs from China contribute constructively towards the continued efforts to renew and unite our movement.


“We are grateful of the contribution by the great Chinese nation to the struggles of the people of our country against imperialism and colonial supremacy of the racist Apartheid regime. Ours is a longstanding friendship of historic bonds of solidarity and internationalism between our two nation states.

“The ancient philosophers have words of wisdom which say whatever you give, you must forget and whatever you receive, you must always remember. We thank you for your unflinching support during the difficult years of our struggles for the national liberation of our people.

“We thank you for the indestructible bonds of friendship, anchored on the firm principles of comradeship, loyalty, mutual trust, territorial integrity and sovereignty. We shall forever cherish your contribution to the development great contours of human civilization.

Our visit to the humane and the peaceful nation of the people’s republic of China, reaffirms this great common hood of friendship, which is unparalleled to the mother of all nations. Working shoulder by shoulder with the great Chinese nation, we are assured by the best of our friends we can trust most”. ANC SG Ace Magashule expressing humbling words of gratitude during the 9th ANC NEC visit to the people’s Republic of China.
The high ranking delegation was on a mission to foster the frontiers of the great historical ties between the two revolutionary movements.


The 9th ANC NEC delegation compromised of the following comrades:

  • Tony Yengeni (NWC Member and Chair Peace and Stability Subcommittee)
  • Meokgo Matuba (ANCWL SG)
  • Nomvula Mokonyane (NWC Member and Chair NDCA)
  • Senzo Mchunu (NWC Member and Chair Organizational Building& Campaigns)
  • Pule Mabe (National Spokesperson)
  • Dakota Legoete (NWC Member)
  • Ronald Lamola (NWC Member)
  • Boitumelo Moloi (NWC Member)
  • Thomas Bongo (NEC Member)
  • Sibongile Besani, (NEC Member)
  • Tandi Mahambehlala (NEC member)
  • David Mahlobo (NEC member) and
  • Malambule Samuel Mashinini, the chairperson of the ANC Free State Province,
  • Faiez Jacobs, the Secretary of the ANC western cape province,
  • Anna Mogale, member of the Gauteng provincial executive committee,


“It is said you can see a world in a grain of sand and an ocean in a drop of water. Beijing’s evolution from a tiny town to an international metropolis is just one example of how mankind progresses as people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds interact in a common home and embrace a common future”. ANC SG Ace Magashule echoing the profound statement by President of the people’s Republic of China, Cde Xi Jinping, during the International conference to open the Maritime Silk Road in 2017,

Over two thousands years ago, the great Chinese nation, trekking across vast steppes and deserts, opened the transcontinental passage connecting Asia, Europe and Africa, known today as the Silk Road. Navigating through rough seas, creating sea routes linking the East and the West, namely, the Maritime Silk Road.

This ancient silk routes opened windows of friendly engagement amongst nations, adding a splendid chapter to the history of human progress”.

The long path of the ancestors of our common struggles, has transformed us into being, the true Ambassadors of the same endeavor, for the peace and prosperity of human civilization. The golden shape, of the present world of modernity, derives its very existence, from the same beautiful routes of our ancestry, to continue with our innovative creativity for human progress.

Therefore the profound words by the leader of the people’s republic of China, is a testimony, that the present generation of mankind, continues to distinguish itself, as the pioneers of the ideal future world we cherish. This is a historic mission, whose its contribution, is to change the material conditions of the world, for the survival of humanity.


The beautiful heritage site of the Tian’anmen Sguare and the Summer palace, has become a pilgrimage of the boiling point of the history of our past and the present. The history of how the past endeavors of human creativity, has influenced what this great symbol of the ancient Chinese archipelago represents today.

This historic site, which represents how society transcended itself from the stage of the development of feudalism into the present world of improved productive relations, is the artifact of how mankind continues to make great strides through her material evolution. The Chinese revolution is a syllabus of one of the greatest political schools in the history of the struggles of humanity.

Our inspiration is the leadership role of the founding father of the republic of China,Dr Sun Yat-Sen and his vision to be part of the bulwark of men and women, who strove to make the world a better place for humanity. His contribution to the struggle of the Chinese people against feudalism, is what has built the two historic sites into the world pilgrimage.

The vanguard party under the leadership role of our revolutionary father Chairman Mao Tse Tung, is the cradle of the long glorious path of our struggles, which has become an indelible mark of the modern China. This has become the cornerstone of the new endeavors of human society to find its everlasting wishes and aspirations.

Our visit to the historic site of the founding of the vanguard Communist Party of China, has made us understand better the necessity for the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The most advanced party which has ratcheted the development of the productive relations of the Chinese society to unprecedented levels.


Our visit to the Shichahahai community centre in one of the neighborhoods of the city of Beijing taught us about political education, as an important arsenal to defend our struggles for the freedom and dignity of our people. Political education is a key to the success of any revolutionary process for reconstruction and development.

In his own words, the revolutionary leader of the working class, Vladimir Lenin, says the following about the importance of theory in the struggles of our people”

Revolutionary scientific theory is a weapon to make us judge and define the methods of our struggles correctly. It is a weapon that helps us analyse and understand correctly the coarse of the development of human society at every moment, and to analyse and understand correctly every turning point of society and to carry out the revolutionary transformation of society”

The Chinese revolution is built on a firm foundation of the scientific revolutionary theory of marxism Leninism. A theory which has become a tool of analysis for their understanding of the world.

Therefore political education is undoubtedly a key factor which plays an important role in the development of the consciousness of the people. All members of the party from the top to the bottom are compelled by the law to attend political school every year.

All cadres of the Communist Party, in all sectors of our social life, including those of service within the state institutions, are required by the constitution of the party, to attend this political school classes every year. The approach is informed by the strategic thinking of the leadership of the party, that to be a revolutionary, is not necessarily, a permanent feature.

Therefore it is imperative to evaluate and asses cadres from time to time, so that they continue to stand true and conform to the values of the discipline and character of our party. Political education for the development of its cadre is the most effective foundation of any revolutionary movement.

The shared values of its traditions are rooted in the high level discipline and revolutionary character of its cadership. Political education has become the symbol of hope for the future progress of the world of humanity.

The high levels of the respect of the neighborhood, the public institutions, discipline, level of ideological and theoretical clarity, respect of time, national flag and the anthem. These are the virtues of hope to define the revolutionary character of a cadre of a revolutionary movement.

The Communist Party of China has invested much in the construction of infrastructure and its human resource for this important strategic objective. There are world class institutions of leadership academy and the most advance human resource base.

This has contributed immensely for the building of capacity and ensuring that the Chinese nation, under the vanguard leadership of the Communist Party, responds to the ever challenging world realities. This has seen the party rising to the occasion, of building the people’s republic of China, which has become the world most powerful second economy.

Our two parties and the people have more to share about their own peculiar lessons and experiences in our long journey, to build a better world. We have more to share with our Comrades with regard to critical programmes of building the organisation.

We have more to learn from our friends on critical areas such as ideological and theoretical work, Party building and discipline, economic issues and matters of fostering friendly relations amongst the world nation states and therefore achieving the goals of realizing a peace and prosperous world.

The leadership of the ANC and its general membership across the country, will have the opportunity to access this episodes of knowledge and experiences, after the delegation has presented its report to the leadership of the national Executive Committee. We have no option, but to work collectively, for the unity and renewal of our movement, for the realization of the noble programme, for radical socio economic transformation.


The beautiful architectural design of the longest bridge of the Olympics of the world architects, demonstrates how ideas of the common mind of our ancestry, have made Shanghai, a common destination, of the wisdom of the world. The creative mind of humanity, has today make Shanghai one of the best Metropoli of human civilization.

Architects from all the corners of the world, have unleashed their creative innovative minds, to pass humanity into its next highest level of development. This is the path we have chosen ourselves to follow the footprints of our common ancestry to make the world a better place for all.

Our future is the future of the great strides of humanity. Through acts of solidarity and internationalism we shall achieve.

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